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  • Inpatient beds dedicated to National Health System (SSN):   293
  • Day Hospital beds dedicated to National Health System (SSN):   32
  • Extensive Rehabilitation placements dedicated to National Health System (SSN):   187
  • Inpatient and Day Hospital admissions:   2,078
  • Extensive Rehabilitation Projects (adults and children):   979
  • Outpatients admission:   297,577
  • Patients from outside the Region (Latium):   10,92%
  • Barthel Autonomy Index (valid for all patients except post-coma and spinal cord injury):   18,4 / 54,2



  • Scientific Laboratories:   60
  • Scientific Publications:   468
  • Impact Factor Scientific Performance (Normalized):   2,090.20
  • Funding allocated by the Ministry of Health:   62%
  • Funding allocated by the European Commission:   15%
  • Funding allocated by other Public Entities and Foundations:   3%
  • Funding allocated by Private Sources:   20%



  • University Degree Programs:   3 (Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Nursing: pursuant to agreement with Tor Vergata University of Rome)
  • Medical Residency:   1 (Neuropsychology: pursuant to agreement with Sapienza University of Rome)
  • Students enrolled in university degree courses:   254
  • Students enrolled in Neuropsychology Residency:   31
  • Percentage of students graduating “on-time”:   84,58%
  • Faculty:   167



  • Physicians and Psychologists:   76
  • Therapists:   208
  • Nurses and Health Care Workers:   277
  • Researchers:   226
  • Administrative Staff:   50

Our Mission: Neuroscience and Rehabilitation

The Santa Lucia Foundation is a highly specialized center for the neuro-rehabilitation of patients with severe movement and cognitive deficits. Complementing the medical clinical activity, Santa Lucia Foundation is engaged in scientific research in the field of neuroscience with 60 active labs at the Hospital and the nearby European Center for Brain Research (CERC). Health care and research are further augmented by educational activity, with both university degree and professional Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs.


Health Care Activities: Advanced, Highly Specialized Neuro-rehabilitation

Principal Diseases Treated – Spinal cord injury, coma sequelae, stroke and degenerative diseases (in particular Multiple Sclerosis and Parkinson's), children with congenital brain defects.

Principal Rehabilitation Treatments – Physiotherapy, hydrokinetic therapy (water therapy), occupational and speech therapy, orthotics, phoniatric and respiratory rehabilitation, treatment of dysphagia, rehabilitation of cognitive functions such as attention, memory and executive skills. A team of psychologists is available to assist the patient and their family.

The Hospital – Admits more than 2,000 patients per year on inpatient and day hospital basis. It consists of six multi-disciplinary Departments and has the resources to treat all the above mentioned diseases. Each Department engages in both clinical as well as research activities.

Extensive Rehabilitation for Adults and Children – The Hospital has an Extensive Rehabilitation Unit dedicated to long-term rehabilitation programs for adults and children with severe disabilities. This care can extend from the first year of life until adulthood. The patients present complex diseases, such as cerebral palsy, severe prematurity, severe motor and communication disturbances, intellectual disabilities and/or rare genetic syndromes.

Outpatient Clinic – Is equipped with specialist clinics, diagnostic imaging, laboratory analysis, physiotherapy and hydrokinetic therapy (water therapy).

Accessing Santa Lucia Health Care Services – Medical services are offered in agreement with the National Health System (SSN) and on private basis.


IRCCS: From Scientific Research to Quality Patient Care

The Santa Lucia Foundation maintains the status of Institute for Research and Health Care (IRCCS). Such title is granted by the Italian Department of Health only to a very limited number of institutes throughout the country, which are committed to a strong correlation between health care and research. Indeed, Italian IRCCSs represent a point of reference for the whole public health system. With respect to scientific productivity, which is calculated by means of the international standard of Impact Factor, the Santa Lucia Foundation is the fifth of its kind in Italy and ranked number one in the field of neuroscience (Source: Italian Department of Health).


Committed to Teaching

The Santa Lucia Foundation shapes tomorrow's professionals in key areas of its clinical and research activities. In collaboration with Tor Vergata University of Rome are Graduate Degree Programs in Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy and Nursing. In collaboration with Sapienza University of Rome is offered a Residency in Neuropsychology. Teaching is complemented by training programs. The Foundation is also official provider for Continuing Education in Medicine (ECM).


For key data on activities and Staff, see Tab "FSL in Figures"


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