IRCCS: Institute for Research and Health Care

From the Scientific Research Laboratory to Patient Care

The name of IRCCS or technically “Istituto di Ricovero e Cura a Carattere Scientifico” indicates biomedical institutions of relevant national interest, which drive clinical assistance in strong relation to research activities. Their mission is the continuous upgrade of healthcare. The IRCCS title is granted by Italian Department of Health to a very limited number of institutes throughout the nation. They are committed to be benchmark for the whole public health system for both the quality of patient care and the innovation skills in the field of organization.


Recognition as an IRCCS

Santa Lucia Foundation achieved accreditation as an IRCCS in 1992. It was the result of a successful research activity in the field of neuroscience, supported by strong investment especially since the eighties. Tangible sign of this engagement in the field of research and development is the European Centre for Brain Research (Centro Europeo di Ricerca sul Cervello - CERC). It homes many of the laboratories of the Foundation and is a place of collaboration with participating researchers from different research centers and universities in Italy and globally. Among these, in particular, are Sapienza University of Rome, Tor Vergata University of Rome and Campus Bio-Medico University of Rome. A significant confirmation of the research activity of the Foundation is revealed by the annual scientific production, calculated according to the international standard method of the Impact Factor.


IRCCS: Santa Lucia First in Italy for Neuroscience 

The Normalized Impact Factor of Santa Lucia Foundation exceeds 2.000 scores each year. Its research activity is ranked number one in Italy in the field of Neuroscience and fifth nationally among all IRCCS's in terms of overall scientific productivity (Source: Italian Department of Health, 2012).


Historical Background

The origin of Italian IRCCS’s dates back to the 1930's. They were first established by a Royal Decree of September 30th 1938 (nr. 1631). Since creation it is clear the objective of the Republic of Italy to offer centers specializing in the treatment and research of medical issues of special social importance. The first IRCCS's coincide historically with the creation of the United States National Institutes of Health. There are 49 IRCCS institutes with accreditation by the Ministry of Health (2014 data). Their activities are federally regulated by Legislative Decree 288/2003.