Research Annual Report

The newly published 2017 edition of the Santa Lucia Foundation's Annual Research Report reflects a completely revised editorial style designed to provide both a non technical overview suitable for a non-specialist public readership, while at the same time providing comprehensive information on the Foundation's 2016 research activities, sufficient in detail to satisfy the more technical interests of specialist readers.

The Report Summary Brochure presents an easy-to-understand overview of the Foundation's research and scientific activities including the most important key data. It also outlines the underlying strategic goals that drive the six Research Lines and summarizes the principal results achieved by the Foundation's 60 Research Laboratories in the year 2016. The Report Summary Brochure is available also in traditional print format at the Santa Lucia Foundation.

Supporting the Report Summary Brochure is a Detailed Research Project Report which details all 2016 research projects undertaken by the Foundation. Research activity is organized by responsible research laboratory. A Summary List of the Research Projects is also available.

A List of all Scientific Pubblications by Researchers of Santa Lucia Foundation completes the reports on our research activities in 2016.


➤   Report Summary Brochure (published on October 2nd, 2017)

➤   Detailed 2016 Research Project Report

➤   Summary List of 2016 Research Projects

➤   List of Scientific Pubblications 2016