Neurorehabilitation 4

Clinical Activity

The Neurorehabilitation 4 Department provides rehabilitation solutions for patients with deficits of movement and cognitive-behavioural disorders caused by neurological diseases and trauma. Among the neurological diseases treated, in particular, is a speciality in cerebral vascular disease. It is also specialized in the treatment of disabilities of orthopedic origin, particularly of the lower limbs, such as amputations, multiple trauma, fractures and artificial joint replacement of hip and knee.


Rehabilitation Programs

The ward doctor performs the initial clinical evaluation of the patient and determines the most appropriate therapeutic intervention. Working together with a multi-specialty team (physiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians) a rehabilitation protocol is customized. Physical therapists accompany the patient in motor recovery, in order to restore the maximum autonomy and instruct in the correct use of prostheses and other aids. A weekly visit is held with all the team of professionals involved such that any recommended changes in the rehabilitation program can be implemented.



Nursing has as its objective the recovery of activities of daily living and social reintegration of the patient. The nursing staff takes charge of integrating the patient, the organization of health care and lodgings. They contribute to the rehabilitation activities aimed at acquiring the skills needed for mobility, personal care, nutrition, disease management and maintaining interpersonal relationships.

Neurorehabilitation 4 and Private Orthopedic Department

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