Clinical Nutrition Service

Guide to Dysphagia

Tasks of Clinical Nutrition Service

The Clinical Nutrition Service has the task of ensuring the proper nutrition and, in certain prescribed cases, the artificial feeding of patients admitted to the Hospital of Santa Lucia Foundation. In the context of neurorehabilitation this aspect of medical treatment and health care is particularly relevant, given the high incidence of patients who suffer from dysphagia in relation to their cognitive and movement deficits.


Establishing a Dietetic Plan

On admission, rehabilitation protocols provide for the assessment of nutritional status of the patient. Preliminary assessment is made for malnutrition, over-nutrition or other such issues. Along with the physicians, the Clinical Nutrition Service evaluates the patient's pathology and any conditions relevant to the prescription of an appropriate diet. A personalized diet plan is established with the goal of improving the clinical condition of the patient and reducing any metabolic or gastrointestinal complications. A patient adequately nourished tends to respond better to drug therapy and rehabilitation.


Multidisciplinary Nutritional Management

The Clinical Nutrition Service works in cooperation with the medical staff of the Neurorehabilitation Units, to ensure constant monitoring of the efficacy of the nutritional plan. It also works together with the Phoniatric Rehabilitation Service on the treatment of patients with dysphagia. The preparation of the meals and the adaptation of the dishes to different diets, with adapted or progressive food consistence, allows the patient with swallowing problems to be followed in one of the most important moments of the therapy: the assisted mealtime.


A Committee Dedicated to Hospital Nutrition

The Service of Clinical Nutrition has established the Working Group for Dysphagia (GLaDis). This Hospital Committee led to the drafting of guidelines for the management of patient's dysphagia and speech therapy protocols along with a dietetic program to assure proper nutrition during hospitalization and upon discharge. The Service of Clinical Nutrition was engaged in Project Nutristroke to establish guidelines for stroke patients and helped establish discharge protocols and nutritional management guidelines for patients with Parkinson's disease.

Clinical Nutrition Service

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