Neurorehabilitation 1 and Spinal Center

Clinical and Research Activities

The Neurorehabilitation 1 Department provides rehabilitation solutions for patients with deficits of movement and cognitive-behavioural disorders caused by neurological diseases and trauma. The Unit has developed a particular expertise in neuro-rehabilitation of people with injuries to the central nervous system as a result of spinal cord injury. Clinical activity is closely related to the programs of translational research of the Laboratory of Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation and the Laboratory of Robotic Neurorehabilitation. New treatment protocols, based on the result of testing and scientifically validated results, are directly applied to patient care.


Rehabilitation programs

The rehabilitation activities are based on custom designs and use a multidisciplinary team approach involving neurologists, physical therapists and occupational therapists, psychologists and neuropsychologists, urologists and nurses specializing in the management of patients with spinal cord injuries. Within the Operative Unit is also the Spinal Center, the only Italian one belonging to the European Network of the Spinal EMSCI Centers. A specialized Center for the rehabilitation of ataxic syndromes and disorders of cerebellar origin completes the expertise of the Department. The Department also works in conjunction with Neurosurgery, Spine Surgery and Neurology Departments of different polyclinics and hospitals.


A Shared Project

The sharing of the treatment plan with the patient and his family takes place a few days after admission, with a meeting with the entire team of the hospital ward. Subsequent monthly meetings are held. Meetings with the medical personnel are always possible by appointment. The Departments also consists of psychologists to support the patient, his family and caregivers.


ReWalk Training Center

Today new technology offers the opportunity to recover the standing position and walking to persons otherwise confined to wheelchairs. Technically called "exoskeletons", they are robotic structures that are worn on the legs of the paraplegic subject. Their use requires a learning phase by means of exercises for the management of balance and movement. Patients can attend courses at the ReWalk Training Center based within the Operative Unit Neurorehabilitation 1.

Neurorehabilitation 1 and Spinal Center Department

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