Neurorehabilitation 5

Clinical Activity

The Neurorehabilitation 5 Department provides rehabilitation solutions for patients with acute neurological diseases, inclusive of cerebrovascular, inflammatory and degenerative typologies. Clinical activity is carried out in close relation with research activity. Department's specific focus is on the neurorehabilitation treatment of patients with multiple sclerosis. Therapeutic protocols extend to physiotherapy in the gym and in the pool (hydrokinetic), occupational therapy, speech therapy and cognitive rehabilitation.


Research Activities

The team is engaged in research to find the most effective methods for the recovery or conservation of the functions necessary to carry out the daily living activities of patients with multiple sclerosis. Primarily affected are the balance, refined motor skills of hands and walking. Multiple sclerosis can also negatively affect cognitive abilities, especially attention skills and executive function ability.

Neurorehabilitation 5 Department

Fondazione Santa Lucia Irccs

Via Ardeatina, 354 – 00179 Rome

Hospital – Floor 4