Chasing Men on Fire: Sodium Channels and Neuropathic Pain

Lecturer: Stephen Waxman, Bridget Flaherty Professor of Neurology, Neurobiology, and Pharmacology at Yale University

Stephen Waxman served as Chairman of Neurology at Yale University from 1986 until 2009. He founded the Neuroscience & Regeneration Research Center at Yale in 1988 and is its Director. Prior to moving to Yale, he worked at Harvard, MIT, and Stanford. He is also Visiting Professor at University College London and a Member of the National Academy of MedicineHis research uses tools from the “molecular revolution” to find new therapies that will promote recovery of function after injury to the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. He has published more than 700 scientific papers and nine books including Spinal Cord Compression and of Clinical Neuroanatomy (translated into eight languages). Prof. Waxman is also Editor-in-Chief of The Neuroscientist and Neuroscience Letters and former member of the editorial boards of many journals including Annals of Neurology, Brain, The Journal of Physiology, Trends in Neurosciences, Nature Reviews Neurology, and Trends in Molecular Medicine.



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