In vivo human brainstem atlas and connectome by 7 Tesla MRI

Relatore: Marta Bianciardi, Ph.D., Athinoula A. Martinos Center for Biomedical Imaging, Harvard Medical School, Massachusetts General Hospital Boston, MA (Usa)

Abstract: The brainstem is a stem-like area at the base of the brain, which contains over 170 nuclei regulating vital functions such as sleep and wakefulness, respiration, heartbeat, body and head motion, sensations, pain, and emotions. Yet, brainstem imaging lags far behind cortical imaging. In this talk I will show recent advances in brainstem imaging at ultra-high magnetic fields, which yielded the creation of an atlas and connectome of several brainstem nuclei. I will finally show the translational application of the atlas to study arousal mechanisms in traumatic coma and in premotor Parkinson’s disease.



Data e ora 
Giovedì, 5 Luglio 2018 - ore 12:00

via Ardeatina, 354 - 00179 Roma